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Fitness Boxing

Do you want to get fit like a boxer? Then our fitness box classes are the right thing for you. Experience classic boxing fitness exercises like skipping rope or punching bag intervals – but we also take the time to teach and enhance the basics of boxing.

You will improve your legwork and coordination, and strengthen your stamina as well as the muscles of your entire body.

Fitness boxing are open to anyone – no matter how old or fit you are.

Also suitable for beginners!


Thai boxing is very similar to classic boxing and technically just as sophisticated, but you are also allowed to use your legs for kicks. Its many rotational movements, which are necessary for hitting and kicking, strengthen your leg muscles as well as your core muscles. A key component of this sport is stretching your entire body, especially your legs and back.

All our Thai boxing courses are suitable for beginners.

BOXing TEChnique

Our boxing technique courses will
teach you more complex combinations,
legwork for advanced boxers, and
tactical finesse. If you want, you can try out these new skills with more intensive partner exercises. Boxing technique courses are open to beginners, but to make the most of it you should first learn the basic boxing techniques we will gladly show you during our boxing workouts.


Yoga is the ideal recreational sport for boxing. You stretch those muscle groups that you use for boxing and therefore need to be taken care of to counteract muscle tension. Yoga
shortens your regeneration period after (boxing) training sessions, improves your mobility and enhances your body’s flexibility.

All our fitness yoga courses are suitable for beginners.